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Website Security

Parnassus Creative considers the security of your web site one of the highest priorities. We recommend the use of the Joomla CMS platform for your site design. The Joomla CMS (Content Management System) has built-in security features to protect the site from Hackers and Spammers, more so than some other CMS platforms.

Access to your site's administration is controlled via secured username and password, you can add or remove site administrator access for any individual person as needed.

We also take additional measures to ensure that should something happen, your site can be restored to an on-line working state without having to start over from the beginning.

What people are saying

This can be an optional feature to display feedback from site visitors, to post endorsements you have received, or just about any messages you want placed here.


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Polls and Visitor Surveys

An optional element is to have online polls and visitor surveys to find out what people are thinking.

The polls and visitor survey elements and can be plugged in just about anywhere on your site.

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Political Campaign Season is Upon Us

If you are a candidate seeking an elected office or an organization supporting / opposing an issue on the ballot then now is the time to get your website setup and on-line.

Having your own website is a great way to get your message out for all to see. It is a cost effective method to reach the widest audience possible compared to most other professional media outlets available.

Parnassus Creative is experienced in this area of website design for political campaigns. For this season we have added several new options to our website packages. We have designed several new WordPress CMS platform demonstration sites and upgraded our Joomla! CMS platform demonstration sites to accommodate the latest in internet technology standards.

For our new WordPress demonstration sites, we have incorporated several new WordPress Themes that are flexible to fit your preferences in color schemes and feature layout options.

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Why am I running?

While Par­nas­sus Cre­ative is in this busi­ness to make a profit on the ser­vices we pro­vide, we believe the bet­ter edu­cated our clients are then the bet­ter their sat­is­fac­tion will be with our ser­vices. We can pro­vide com­plete site admin­is­tra­tion for you if that is what you want, how­ever the bet­ter edu­cated you are about your site pro­vides you with a clearer under­stand­ing of what it is we are doing for you and what the poten­tial for your site can be.

While many web­sites we have devel­oped are Joomla based designs (a Content Management System - CMS), we do offer other site for­mats to our clients. How­ever, with the many years of expe­ri­ence we have in web­site design, we believe Joomla based designs have the most poten­tial to meet our client’s cur­rent and future requirements. A Joomla based site design provides our clients one of the best values for the money spent in today's website hosting industry.

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Listening to Constituents

We can create a QR code (Quick Response Code) that you can use on your printed materials that will lead people to this website. The QR code can be printed on business cards, direct mail pieces, thank you cards and advertising. People with "smart" devices can grab that code and it will automatically direct them to the online site you determine. It could be the home page of your website, or a welcome page on your site specifically for new visitors, or even a link to another site (maybe the Wichita Eagle, a tax chart from a reliable
organization showing data, or the county party?) that has a positive or redeeming article about you or something about which you are passionate.

One other optional Joomla Exten­sion named J Com­ments allows your site vis­i­tors to sub­mit com­ments on any arti­cles you set to allow it. This is sim­i­lar to a Face­book post­ing with com­ments by your Friends or a Word Press plat­form site where com­ments are allowed on the Blog post­ings. You can have total con­trol over what com­ments are posted by receiv­ing email noti­fi­ca­tion of sub­mit­ted com­ments and then approv­ing or not to post the com­ment. You can also set who is allowed to sub­mit com­ments by requir­ing sub­mit­ters to be reg­is­tered users of the site. All comment submissions are saved on the hosting server in a database file accessible by your site administrators.


Community Involvement

This layout is an example of how your website might appear. You have creative control of the information you want to present. For instance, these sections can focus on any topic you choose, we can import photos of you into the banner above, you can pick colors (do you have campaign colors?) or a basic pattern for the background, we can put links to your favorite helpful websites or include an RSS feed with regularly updated information (quotes, weather, news headlines).

Consider picking a theme and/or a color and integrating it throughout your marketing materials. The more that your audience sees your pieces, the more they connect your whole campaign. Repetitiveness can coalesce your communications efforts.

We all have seen the Facebook Like button on websites, there is a Joomla Extension that has this and button links for the other major Social Media sites where site visitors can share your postings on their own accounts with these Social Media sites. See examples of which buttons are included in this Joomla Extension:

Social Media