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Parnassus Creative considers the security of your web site one of the highest priorities. We recommend the use of the Joomla CMS platform for your site design. The Joomla CMS (Content Management System) has built-in security features to protect the site from Hackers and Spammers, more so than some other CMS platforms.

Access to your site's administration is controlled via secured username and password, you can add or remove site administrator access for any individual person as needed.

We also take additional measures to ensure that should something happen, your site can be restored to an on-line working state without having to start over from the beginning.

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This can be an optional feature to display feedback from site visitors, to post endorsements you have received, or just about any messages you want placed here.

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This page can be setup in conjunction with PayPal or other providers of electronic payment services to collect donations for the election campaign. You may be required to setup an account with PayPal for the campaign which is the most cost effect method for collecting on-line donations. More information about this feature and the fees from PayPal is available at this link:

Political Fundraising with PayPal - Raise More Money Online


Once your PayPal account is setup and verified, then you can add the feature to your site in most any location and on whichever web pages you would like. Your account at PayPal will collect the required FEC information for each donation and the reports for this information are available via your account on PayPal to use in your FEC required reports. The received donations will be available after processing (the funds transfer to PayPal) to be transferred to your campaign's banking account.

The On-Line Contact form below is using the Joomla Extension 'Breezing Forms'. Submission forms can be customized to suit your needs and submission results are both emailed to designated email addresses (your address or any other you specify) and are also saved on the hosting server in a database accessible by your site administrators. The submission form can also be designed for volunteers to find out what they are willing to do for the campaign - you are not limited to only one submission form in the Breezing Forms Joomla Extension.

You can have instructions here to inform site visitors where they can volunteer their time for the campaign. The On-Line Volunteer Contact form below is a custom form designed by Parnassus Creative and can be adapted to fit your requirements.

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586 Main Ave, Building 42
Main City, Country 12345-6789

T: (555) 123 - 4567
F: (555) 523 - 4567

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Use this online form to send a message to the candidate if you are interested in becoming a Volunteer for the campaign.

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