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Test out the Google Interactive Maps available for your website hosted and designed by Parnassus Creative.

This section of our website is to demonstrate the Google Interactive Maps available for use on your election campaign website that is hosted and designed by Parnassus Creative Website Services.

This project was created with Google Classic Maps using publically available source maps from both Sedgwick County Geographic Information Services and KS Legislature Research Department.

While there are other alternatives available to show your district on a map for your website most are either of the static nature (being just a map with maybe the boundaries being shown) or something that you will have to spend your valuable time to develop yourself.

The latter is something we have already done by creating the colored shapes on a Google Map and exporting the GPS coordinates of those shapes for use in a Joomla Platform website such the one you are viewing currently. The shape boundary edges were drawn as close to the actual streets and property lines available in the source maps using Google Maps.

We make no warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the information or the data being displayed being 100% accurate - though it is probably closer to anything else you may find available.

The maps here are interactive in all the ways a standard Google Map are including pan, zoom, and info bubble for each district (just click anywhere within the colored shapes representing the districts). We have also included a Search function so your site visitors can see if they are within your district by entering their address. The found results will show as a marker on the map.

The info bubbles include the district number and the elected representative as of 2014. The latter can be edited to show your name as the candidate running for office in that district. The color of the shape can also be changed when used for an individual district display - the shape colors on the All Districts display were selected for clarity between each district. Individual districts can b displayed vs. all in separate map displays, or a customized version can be created to show a defined area of your choosing. The example map below was created using Google Maps with a customized KML file (Keyhole Markup Language) overlaying the shapes and info bubbles on the map. A custom KML file can be created to suit your requirements.

These are the features today's internet users expect from any map displays on a website.

Kansas House Districts in Sedgwick County

Do you reside in Kansas House Districts within Sedgwick County? Check the interactive map below by entering your street address, city, state, and ZIP Code in the search box below and then click on the Find button.